Some of the history here in the Hudson Valley can be traced all the back to the 1600's. It's even possible that Hudson Valley native's ancestors helped settle the land that we call the Hudson Valley today. There is an extensive amount of history that lives in each town. Are you ready to explore it?

Some Historic Hudson Valley Sites Have Plaques or Signs To Show Significance While Others Are Hidden

Allison Kay
Allison Kay

Sites such as the "Spy House" in Hurley, NY, Uncle Sam's house in Catskill, NY and Anti-Rent War in Andes, NY are some of the many that have historical markers. A post office in Dutchess County, NY is known as a National Historic Site with ties to FDR. This town was also referred to as a different name than what it is known for now. 

Some historic Hudson Valley towns were called something else and referred to as a different name.

Did You Come Across The Oldest Intersection In American And Didn't Know?

According to Atlas Obscura, "The only intersection in America where the buildings on all four corners were built pre-Revolutionary War. "

The last time that you were in Kingston, NY did you happen to come across this intersection?

Ulster County natives can provide guests with their own story to tell of this intersection. Some of them may know someone who lives in one of those homes or did. Maybe one of their ancestors was a part of these buildings at some point.

The Four Corners In Kingston, NY Is Known As The Oldest Intersection In America

According to Atlas Obscura, "The Four Corners, as it's referred to by locals, at Crown and John Streets is the only intersection in America where the buildings on all four corners were built pre-Revolutionary War. Much of the architecture in Kingston is known for having been constructed pre-Revolutionary War, and much of it is well-preserved including remnants of the city as state capital pre-Revolutionary War."


Even With New Businesses Along The Streets Of Kingston, NY, The History Lives On

According to the Historical Marker Database, ".All four stone houses at this intersection were built between 1663-1775, prior to the Revolutionary War."

Does Anyone Know The Name of The People Who Lived In These Historic Homes?

According to the William G. Pomeroy Foundation, the names of the houses included, "the Matthewis Persen House, Dr. Matthew Jansen House, Kingston Academy, and the Franz Roggen House."

What History Lies At The Oldest Intersection In America, Located In The Hudson Valley?

According to Historic Towns of America, "  A historic marker, funded by the William G. Pomeroy Foundation, was erected in 2018 at this oldest corner to recognize the unique legacy of these buildings. The Jansen House is the earliest of the intersection’s buildings, dating to the mid-17th century. The earliest documents attesting to its existence are court records in Dutch, from 1663 and 1667. At that time, Kingston was known as Wiltwyck and was part of the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam."

Information provided by Historic Towns of America Shares More Information

The next oldest house was known as the Persen House and was named after Matthewis Person, as he lived in the house the longest. This residence was taken over by Ulster County in the early 1900s.

Do you have any information regarding the Four Corners and this intersection in Kingston, NY? Share your experience with us below.

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Historic Hudson Valley Building Revived as New Business

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