Check out this video of an old police car driving the streets of Poughkeepsie from the winter of 1960.  KKD1247, Kerry Decker, posted this video to YouTube.  He said that he came across a short 30 second segment of 35mm film that was shot in Poughkeepsie.

Decker, wrote that this was his hometown growing up and he now lives in Florida.  The film begins with this police car at Soldiers Memorial Fountain.  The car zooms around a corner by the park and fountain. Then the car travels North on Market Street, the old Route 9.  The police cruiser turns onto Main Street, heading East.

You’ll notice this was before the main mall was built on the main street in the 70’s.  A viewer commented you see SS Kresgees and Woolworth on Main Street.  These were old five and dime stores or cheaper department stores.

Another user commented, that this was a clip from a 1961 film called “The Young Doctors.”  A movie featuring Dick Clark.

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