Did you ever drive down a back road in the Hudson Valley and come across a pile of dirt alongside the road? Did you think to yourself, why is that there? The next time you see something like that don't hesitate to think "that shouldn't be there" and maybe even call the New York Department of Environmental Conservation to check it out. It has taken three years but the NYS DEC announced today that they have closed a case of Illegal Disposal of Solid Waste in Ulster County that dates back to May of 2017.

According to a press release from earlier today (July 9,2020) The NYS DEC close a case that was the result of DEC Solid Waste Task Force members observing trucks disposing waste at a residential property the town of Rochester. The Environmental Conservation Officers (ECO) apparently followed the trucks from an illegal construction and demolition processing facility in Long Island to the property in the town of Rochester where they were dumping the solid waste at the private residence. This resulted in the ECO calling in the Region 3 Bureau of Environmental Crimes Investigators (BECI) and members of the DEC's Division of Materials Management (DMM). Samples of the solid waste were taken at that time by the DMM.

It turned out that the environmental samples of the waste taken at the time contained significant amounts of coal ash and slag. Both of these items are only permitted in licensed landfills. In addition a chemical analysis showed the presence of other acutely hazardous substances that violate Environmental Conservation Law. This resulted in Modern Leasing Inc., who was operating as Dump Masters Services being charged with Endangering Public Health, Safety and the Environment. This charge which is a felony was filed along with multiple misdemeanor counts of Unlawful Disposal of Solid Waste in excess of 70 cubic yards and 10 cubic yards.

Modern Leasing Inc., recently plead guilty to the felony charge and two counts of Unlawful Disposal of Solid Waste. They were order to pay maximum fine for each which end up totaling $112,500. The dump truck drivers were arrested and charged with Unlawful Disposal of Solid Waste in excess of 10 cubic yards which is a class B misdemeanor. According to the release All the drivers later plead guilty to lesser charges and each paid a $1,500 fine.

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