This week on the WRRV Morning Grind, Nick and I were talking about how we do not understand how people don't wear their seat belts. Every time those two get in the car, they wear them. So they don't think twice about wearing one, but why don't you want to wear one? Share it with us? Here is what people had to say about wearing seat belts. What is your take on it? Do you wear it all of the time, some of the time or never?

The following are responses that were texted to 845-451-9778(WRRV):

  • Rich, And everyone that says they don't want to get trapped in their vehicle is full of shit. The odds of you getting trapped in your car are a lot higher then the seatbelt actually protecting you from serious injury. Airbags are designed to be used with seatbelts and can injure you without them.
  • Zoe, because if i want to go flying through my windshield it's my right and dont give me some bullshit story about other people's insurance rates being higher - that's how they "make" you feel better about your compliance -- it is 100% revenue based.
  • Gina,  I ALWAYS wear my seatbelt!!!
  • Jackie, What moron doesn't wear a seat belt?? 😂😂
  • Chris, Grahamsville, The seatbelt thing is really about personal liberty and wether or not you choose to wear one or not. I won't argue the merits of safety, but that is your own choice.
  • Melissa, Poughkeepsie, My ex would never wear his seatbelt and his reason was because he was from Ohio and they don't wear their seatbelts there since the law does not enforce it. So annoying because the car would beep to put his seatbelt on but he just ignored it.
  • Unnamed, I am 26 years old 6 foot 6 and 310 pounds the seatbelt is just very uncomfortable against your neck and your shoulder on long trips it rubs against your neck gets hot constantly having to move around I don't always wear my seatbelt I should though but I don't
  • Michelle from Ellenville, I have massive boobs. Can't fit seat belt.
  • Lisa, Beacon, I used to be worry about wearing it because what if my car flipped or if the other car fell on my car? I always thought it would be safer to be thrown from the car than to be crushed by it. I wear it now because I don't want a ticket but I'm not happy about it.
  • Justin from Middletown, My dad doesn't because he wants to "beat the traffic" I'm just as perplexed as you are
  • Unnamed, It's uncomfortable!

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