Who knew the Hudson Valley could be so romantic?

When we think of good date ideas around the Valley, usually taking a ride to little towns is high up on the list. Whether it's Beacon, Rhinebeck or Woodstock. Obviously, Keith Urban knew what he was doing.

According to Taste of Country, in the May issue of the Wall Street Journal Magazine superstar Nicole Kidman opens up about her and Urban's love story. Kidman tells WSJ Magazine the two met at an event in 2005.

Kidman says she fell for Urban immediately when "he took her on a motorcycle ride to Woodstock, N.Y." She adds that he packed a picnic and everything. The works.

“I was a goner — I mean, c’mon," Kidman said. And we can't really blame her. A country superstar takes you on a date in Ulster County. On a motorcycle. And brings a picnic? Yeah, we're in love too.

If they ever want to recreate that date the Hudson Valley will be more than willing to accommodate.

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