We couldn't go to restaurants as much this year, but we could enjoy take out.

When the COVID-19 pandemic caused local governments to close businesses, it was devastating. Business owners suffered and customers missed the comfort of going out to eat. But as businesses closed their doors and began to offer more take out options, I think people have never banded together to support local like this before. I was overwhelmed with the number of people supporting local restaurants by buying take out and gift cards.

As the pandemic continued, so did ordering take out. New York State seemed to have one item that was the favorite item to order. According to Grub Hub, New York's favorite take out item of 2020 was an egg and turkey sausage sandwich. WHAT?! Not even the classic bacon egg and cheese? EGG AND TURKEY SAUSAGE SANDWICH?! This is ridiculous.

New York has SO much amazing food. Pizza, wings, Garbage Plates, bagels...literally anything. But an egg and turkey sausage sandwich? I'd be okay if we got something lame like a salad, but I genuinely do not believe that an egg and turkey sausage sandwich is New York's favorite take out item. I am truly shocked that pizza wasn't New York's favorite item. Take out pizza is the pinnacle of New York take out.

What was your favorite food to order this year? Personally, I tried every chicken sandwich I could in the Hudson Valley. I was hooked on them this year. And of course, I ate a lot of pizza.

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