According to a recent study, New York teens participate in the labor force less than teens of any other state.

The study, done by Jon Jones of Smartest Dollar, found that New York teens have a labor participation rate of just 30.0%, lower than any other state in the country and almost half that of Utah, the state with the highest teen labor participation rate at 53.1%.

In fact, eight states had a teen labor participation rate of over 50%, Utah, North Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, and Maine. The national average for teen labor participation rate is about 38%.

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Listen I get it. I had a few different jobs when I was a teenager and I hated most of them. The worst of all was working as a cashier in a department store and trying to explain to people why they couldn't return something that had no tags and no receipt. There's no reason that 15-year-old James should have dealt with getting yelled at by fully grown adults trying to return things that clearly did not originate from the store I worked at.

But, I did learn a lot by working so young. Namely, that work is terrible and I should start mentally preparing myself to live like that until I retire. But also about dealing with people in a work environment, saving money, having responsibility and all that other typical stuff, your parents tell you when they're trying to convince you to get your first summer job.

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So it's definitely something New York could be doing better with. Best case, your teen is padding their resume for college applications or future job opportunities. Worst case, they're going to have some extra money in their pocket and a lot of wild stories that no one will ever believe.

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