New York state is a very large area with a vast diversity of people and cultures.  Sometimes we can't always agree on everything. This has even led to calls from some for secession in the past. These proposals haven't gone anywhere in a long time. However, it doesn't stop some in power from trying.

New York Lawmaker Wants Long Island to Become 51st State 

CBS is reporting that one New York state lawmaker is pushing to break off one particular part of the state into its own separate state.

CBS says that Republican Assemblyman Keith Brown of Long Island wants L.I. to become its own state. Where would he get the money to do so? Brown claims that Long Island is “an ATM for New York City”. and could split from one of the world's richest cities.

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While Brown has apparently not put his ideas into an actual bill, he has also toyed with the idea of either Connecticut or Rhode Island annexing Long Island if necessary. of course, the chances of anything like this happening are slim to none.

Some have called his ideas "insane".

Keith Binns
Keith Binns

Past Attempts to Secede 

In past years, those wanting change normally want to divide the state between a designated "upstate" zone, and a "downstate" Usually, "downstate' has been defined as anything in New York City and Long Island. Parts of the lower Hudson Valley in Westchester and Rockland normally, but not always, are included as part of "upstate".

Some have even envisioned an even bolder approach. WHEC reported that multiple towns in central and western New York brought up the idea to split New York into three different states

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If they has gotten what they wanted, the five boroughs would have remained as New York. However, Westchester, Rockland. Nassau and Suffolk counties would be known as Montauk. The rest of the state, including the middle and upper Hudson Valley areas, and the Catskills, would become New Amsterdam.

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