There's a way to settle a dispute. And then there's this. One man's huge meltdown over a vehicle lead to an employee of an auto dealership being pinned down by said vehicle. What exactly happened here? Ever see a vehicle go through a standing structure? Yikes.

Details are a bit sketchy, but WNYT is reporting that a 53 year-old Albany man allegedly rammed his car into the DePaula Auto Group building last Thursday morning. This all stemmed from an argument with the dealership employees over the vehicle he had bought from the business last year. There are no details at this time what the argument was all about.

WNYT says that this Fast and Furious wannabe then allegedly told employees he was leaving the premises, but instead, revved his engine up, and went sailing right into the office building. One DePaula employee ended up getting their leg pinned down by the man's vehicle, according to sources.

The suspect was sent to a nearby hospital for a mental health evaluation. WNYT says he's been charged with assault, criminal mischief, and reckless endangerment. You might also want to send this guy to driving school.

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