Want to earn a bachelor's degree in dog training? Well, one school in Capitol Region is now the first to offer a degree for canine training, and it's not all far away from the Hudson Valley

NY Upsate says that SUNY Cobleskill announced that it would expand curriculum making it the country's first college to offer a four year program in canine training and management. 

It definitely seems that more and more Americans have dogs, many times for companionship. But the school's website says there's a reason for the four year program and it has to do with the need for training and handling working animals. Cobleskill professor and director of the canine-training program Dr. Stephen A. Mackenzie said:

The number of pets kept in households, I wouldn’t say it’s skyrocketing, but it’s been increasing. And even more so, since 9/11, the dog industry has been overwhelmed by the need for working animals and people who can handle them.

This could mean specially training dogs to work at airports, as therapy dogs, or for bomb squads. Or it could simply mean you want to help train your dog how to obey commands and come when called upon.

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