What makes a business old-fashioned? Well, to me it isn't even the fact that a business might not even be an old one. To this writer "old-fashioned" is a feeling. A taste, or even a smell of something that sparks a memory of the "good old days" of our youth.

These dozen Upstate businesses fill the bill nicely. Take a look at these stores and you can close your eyes and bring back memories from your own past. The candy store on here lists 150 types of penny candy. Remember that?  Wax lips, candy cigarettes, red hot dollars, and the dentist's worst nightmare, Mary Janes. How about an old, very old, barber shop in downtown Albany? Old tiled floors, gleaming counter with bottles of blue and green liquids holding combs and scissors, large gilded mirrors, and so much more.  And a hot towel face shave! Yes!

There is also a bakery on this list that is still using its 100-year old ovens, as well as an old-fashioned little book store with an amazing back story to it.

Yes, "old-fashioned." I say there is nothing wrong with that.

In this day and age of convenient overnight deliveries and self-checkout cash register lines in big box stores, yes, a little old-fashioned goes a long, long way.

12 Amazing Upstate New York 'Old-Fashioned' Businesses That Have Stood the Test of Time

The older you get the more the phrase "old-fashioned" appeals to you. These amazing "old-fashioned" businesses, all in Upstate New York, are still alive and kicking and heading into the future. Take a look at an old-fashioned candy store, cigar shop, amusement park, bakery, speakeasy, barber shop, ice cream parlor, and more.

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