This is incredible news!

Every year on Veterans Day we all do our part by sharing our thanks to each and every Veteran that has or continues to serve our great country. Some share their thanks on social media others show their thanks by doing something absolutely extraordinary.

That's exactly what the company Veterans United Home Loans did on Wednesday, something extraordinary. They announced that they have paid off the mortgages of 10 United States Veterans and one of those Veterans was from Albany, New York, according to News 10.

Navy veteran Bill Day got a zoom call of a lifetime last Wednesday when he was surprised on the call by actor Gary Sinise, who wanted to share some BIG news. Sinise of course played Lt. Dan in the super popular movie "Forrest Gump" was on the other end of the call and informed Day that he had some exciting news for him in honor of Veterans Day.

Sinise told him, "“I get to be the messenger to tell you that you get to have your entire mortgage paid off by Veterans United. So you’re not going to have to pay for any of that!"

Day couldn't believe what he was hearing and said, "No, I don’t deserve that!" Sinise replied, "Yes you do!"

This amazing news was made possible by the organization Veterans United and their Vice President of Military Relations told News 10 that, "We wanted to get behind every American person that said thank you for your service and make that statement mean more, so, we as a company said, How can we do that? And home ownership, it’s one of the ways we could think of doing that." Swan also said that, "We have paid off 10 veterans’ mortgages in full — complete — and surprised them today, so it’s been a lot of fun."

Day is a single dad of four and told News 10, "I can’t even describe, I’m getting choked up. I can’t even describe how this is really helping me." Day also said with the mortgage being paid off he is closer to being able to send his daughter to college, "two weeks ago, I was like there was no way I could do this. Now I can do it, she’s going."

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