With more and more Americans shopping online, packages being stolen right from peoples' front doors have become a problem. So much so, these thieves have been given a name: Porch Pirates. One Bedford-Stuyvesant man says he's come up with the solution. However, others are saying his contraption is way too big, too expensive, and is just ugly to look at.

Bob James has invented the Bob Box. The Bob Box is around 6-feet high, weighs about 125 pounds and can be chained to a fence, according to the NY Post. if a delivery person comes to your house, they would simply slide the box in the shoot. The Bob Boxes are guarded by lock and key. James talks about the big wooden boxes:

Delivery is free. Assembly free. The only thing you lose are the package pirate blues. Keep your deliveries safe. Keep them dry. Keep them away from thievin’ eyes!

Some neighbors aren't so enthused. They've called the contraption, that looks like a wood chipper, an eyesore. There's also the issue about the price. They go for just under two hundred dollars.

How many has James sold so far? Zero. That hasn't stopped him though.

Why leave your package on the stoop for the package pirate to scoop?

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