Neither New York nor the Hudson Valley made the list of best places to get married in 2023. How can this be right?

As spring and summer approach the wedding world is starting to heat up all across the country and if engaged couples could choose any place in the United States to get married a new survey says that would choose at least 100+ places before New York or the Hudson Valley.


Average Wedding Costs $28,000

If you are planning a wedding you already know that you need to set a budget for your special day. The best wedding advice we've ever heard is that once you set the budget do EVERYTHING you can to STICK to it! What should that budget be? According to the folks at WalletHub, the average wedding costs $28,000, and to try and help engaged couples find the most cost-effective place to get married they compared more than 180 of the biggest U.S. cities to find the best places to get married.

Best Places to Get Married in the U.S.

To find some of the best WalletHub used 26 indicators to compile its list including things like cost-effectiveness, convenience, enjoyment, venues, wedding vendors, and more. After tallying everything up they determined that Orlando Flordia is the #1 city to get married in using their system. If money is what matters most the average wedding in Fort Smith, Arkansas, will cost you $15,235, well below the national average.

Did New York Even Show Up?

New York didn't show up on the Best City list until Rochester, New York took spot #109 followed by Buffalo, NY at #118, and New York City at spot #119. I will say that New York, NY did take spot #4 in the attractions and activities category but that still keeps it out of the top 100.

Cheap New York Weddings

The cheapest place in New York to tie the knot is Rocheschester as it came in at #115 on the list with the Hudson Valley not even getting a mention. Not one mention anywhere on the list of best places to get married in the U.S. The closest area to make the list to the Hudson Valley was Yonkers, NY which came in at #178 overall.

Boathouse at Saugerties Steamboat Co.
Boathouse at Saugerties Steamboat Co.

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Hudson Valley Weddings

We may be biased but feel that the ONLY place to get married is in the Hudson Valley!! We have so many incredible venues, vendors, and activities that make it the PERFECT place to say I do. If you need some suggestions of places to hold your reception in the area, we came up with a list below that can get you started.

Top 12 Cities to Get Married

1. Orlando, FL
2. Las Vegas, NV
3. Tulsa, OK
4. Tampa, FL
5. Atlanta, GA
6. Miami, FL
7. Knoxville, TN
8. El Paso, TX
9. New Orleans, LA
10. Boise, ID
11. Oklahoma City, OK
12. Tucson, AZ

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