More and more people in recent years have turned to social media to increase their online presence and amount of followers through posted content. At the same time, we've seen more people resort to unethical means to gain a like or subscription at times.

Imagine someone posting graphic pics of a deceased loved one all over their social media accounts to gain followers? This is exactly what one New York state hospital claims an ex-morgue employee did recently.

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NBC says the hospital is now suing.

Woman From New York Sued For Allegedly Posting Graphic and Disturbing Content 

NBC NY says that a former morgue attendant (and self-proclaimed social media influencer) is being sued by a hospital that claims she posted " 'macabre pictures', and videos of cadavers onto her personal social media accounts.",

Northwell Health filed a lawsuit in Nassau County that says the woman, who worked for the hospital for only 45 days, was posting the graphic content on her pages for her nearly 20 thousand online followers. The suit says the Brooklyn woman worked for Long Island Jewish Medical Center before staff figured out she was posting videos online from the hospital's morgue.

The lawsuit even claims the woman still posted pictures after her firing in mid-March. The woman was allegedly posting pics and videos of "amputated body parts, internal organs and a late stillbirth."

New York Man Fakes Death, Plan Unravels After Simple Typo

You may remember this story from 2020?

ABC7 reports that it all started when a  25-year-old New York man was sentenced in October 2019 for possession of a stolen Lexus and attempted grand larceny of a truck. Prosecutors say he wanted to avoid the one year jail sentence, so he left the state and tried to convince everyone he had committed suicide.

Officials say he even had fake death certificate to try to prove it.


What happened? Prosecutors say that on the certificate, that was supposed to look like it came from the New Jersey Department of Health, Vital Statistics and Registry, the word registry was spelled "Regsitry".

10 New York State Hospitals Rank Among The World’s Best

Newsweek magazine recently published its ranking of the top hospitals in the world and 10 are here in New York State. Who made this list?

Newsweek based its list of the Top 250 hospitals on earth based on four criteria: patient care, research, innovation, and consistency. 2023 marks the fifth year the publication put together data on hospitals from around the world. This year's data reportedly includes more than 2,300 hospitals from 28 countries, approximately 400 in the Unites states.

Here's the ones from New York State:

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