As we put another year behind us and look forward to things being different for 2021, we're faced with the same nonsense from the previous year.

I guess we're all supposed to be happy that 2020 is finally over. It was an interesting year, to say the least, affecting so many people in different ways. Some people may have lost a loved one, or their job or business. Others may have used the pandemic to their advantage by starting a business or allowing them the time to focus on something they really wanted. Opinions on 2020 will vary like with anything, but, here we are in a new year dealing with the same old nonsense.

It seemed as though many people thought that just by the year coming to an end, that meant that the pandemic was going to be over as well. Yeah, it definitely doesn't work that way, I wish it did believe me. Like once the ball drops on New Year's Eve, it would be like a reset button, and magically things would return to normal. That would be awesome, but sadly that sort of stuff only happens in the movies.

Even though it's a new year, we still have to deal with a lot of problems we were experiencing in 2020, without knowing when it will be over. While I'm happy 2020 is over and behind us, it seems like we're going to be haunted by it for quite some time. I guess the only thing to do is to attempt to stay positive with all this craziness going on around us.

Good Luck in 2021. Stay safe!

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