If you take one look at their menu you'll become very hungry.

I'll explain more, I recently came across a Facebook post for a brand-new restaurant that was opening up in Walden, NY. It's called PBF Cafe and it's a Polish and Brazilian fusion style of cuisine. If you look deeper into their menu and story, you'll see there is something for everyone here.

The story of PBF Cafe:

PBF Cafe Facebook
PBF Cafe Facebook

I was able to speak with Lauren who works with the PBF Cafe and she said Leo and Anna (the owners) met during a previous job and then came together to open their own place. It was very important to them to have a cafe that serves fresh food and provides Polish and Brazilian food to the Hudson Valley. In fact, the duo feels very strongly about this and their motto is "feel the taste of home".

What we've been waiting for...the menu:

Konstanttin from Getty Images Pro
Konstanttin from Getty Images Pro

My mouth is already watering, the PBF Cafe has a menu that will please anyone and Lauren mentioned some dishes that every crowd will love. Here are some fabulous choices:

Frozen Açaí Bowl- This is great for those who are looking to eat healthily and has all fresh ingredients

Coxinha- It's shredded chicken in savory dough and deep-fried, wow.

Potato pancakes- it's simple and always a good choice for all ages

Mac & Cheese: Who doesn't love it? The delicious mix of pasta and savory cheese attracts everyone to try it and it also won 3rd place at the 'Mac & Cheese Festival,' that's fabulous.

For more information on PBF Cafe click here or you can go visit them at 42A Orchard Street in Walden. NY 12586. Send us a picture of something you get when you go.

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