Just in time for you to be planning your Thanksgiving meal, a new business has opened in Orange County, Washingtonville to be exact and they can help you with everything you don't want to cook or prepare.

Ana's Gourmet is ready to do all of your holiday cooking and get you in on a Grand Opening discount. Located at 32 West Main Street Unit 4 Ana's can take the stress out of holiday food prep.

Places to Order a Meal for the Holiday Season in the Hudson Valley

I don't know what it is like for you but when I have people over for dinner I need help. I can get the basics together but when you want to take it up a notch why not support a local business while taking off some of that holiday stress?

PC: Ana's Gourmet Inc via Facebook
PC: Ana's Gourmet Inc via Facebook

From what I have seen on Ana's social media there is a lot to choose from and it all looks so delicious. From shrimp dishes to chick and beef entrees it appears you will have lots of choices. Even if you just need an appetizer because you aren't actually hosting but you said you'd bring a dish Ana's has something that will fit the menu.

Prepared Food Store Open Just In Time For Thanksgiving in Washingtonville NY

My biggest stress when I know people are coming over is trying to get stuff done so that I am not busy cooking after people arrive. If I am a guest bringing a dish to a party my biggest worry is that no one will like it. I think using a food prep meal service like Ana's could be the solution. Don't wait if you want to order for Thanksgiving according to Ana's Facebook page Thanksgiving orders need to be in by Saturday, November 19, 2022.

PC: Ana's Gourmet Inc via Facebook
PC: Ana's Gourmet Inc via Facebook

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