Well, it looks like another person in Poughkeepsie has decided to get naked on the street and put on a show for everyone.

In a video posted to Facebook, you see a naked man in the streets of Poughkeepsie dancing around, and jumping on a car's hood before a police officer arrives and places the man into custody.

About a month ago, there was another naked Poughkeepsie man either weeding or pooping in the middle of the day. We still never found out what he was doing.

What's going on in Poughkeepsie with all the naked guys? Has this always happened, and people are just now filming it? Is there a drug that makes one strip down and strut their stuff? Obviously, I have a lot of questions.

While this man entertained a crowd of people with his show, he is in desperate need of help, and hopefully somebody can help him out.

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