If top officials get their way, many more roundabouts will be coming to the Hudson Valley and across the state.

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On Tuesday, the New York State Department of Transportation said converting a 4-way intersection into a roundabout will severely decrease car crashes in New York.

"Roundabouts are a safer, more efficient and more sustainable alternative to traditional intersections," the New York State Department of Transportation wrote on Facebook. "Nationally, converting a typical 4-way intersection into a roundabout results in an 80% reduction in severe crashes and a 50% reduction in crashes overall."

Some believe drivers are across New York State will need more training if more 4-way intersections are going to be converted into a roundabout.

"Please add instructions," Kaye White wrote in the comment section of the DOT post. "Lots of people have no idea how they work!!"

Others pointed out that roundabouts are hard to plow if built too small.

The NYS DOT's post included the following "Roundabout Tips:"

  • At two-lane roundabouts, left lane goes left, right lane goes right, follow signs and markings to go straight
  • Travel counterclockwise through the roundabout
  • Yield to vehicles already in the roundabout
  • Yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk before proceeding


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