Milo's Cantina's liquor license was suspended by the NYS Liquor Authority following a bar fight video.

On Wednesday, June 13, the New York State Liquor Authority issued an emergency suspension of Milo's Cantina's liquor license. Sweetheart Enterprises Inc., the parent company of Milo's Cantina, is no longer to serve alcohol or have alcohol consumed, at Milo's, according to a press release from the NYS Liquor Authority.

The press release cites a viral video of a bouncer fighting with a customer at Milo's. The release states that the video shows the bouncer slamming a customer to the ground and no employee from Milo's attempts to intervene.

The release also states that the owner of Milo's was told the customer used foul language, created a mess and threatened the security guard with a knife.

A lawyer for Milo's Cantina said that an unseen video shows an entirely different story than the viral video. However, no such video was turned over to SLA investigators, officials say.

The SLA determined through the New York Department of Labor that the bouncer in the video was not a licensed bodyguard, according to to the release. However, the application filed with the SLA said that Milo's would not have security or management staff.

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