Ok music fans, you are going to get a chance to drink a new whiskey that combines Metallica and some serious whiskey expertise. Metallica announcing this month that they have teamed up with former distiller from Maker's Mark, Dave Pickerell, to create a whiskey that will feature what the band loves about whiskey in a new creation.

Pickerell is currently the distiller and consultant to many including Whistle Pig based out of Vermont and the Hudson Valley's own, Hillrock Distillery in Ancram. Pickerell was the head distiller at legendary Maker's Mark for 14 years before leaving to become distiller at several start up companies across the US.

Do you think that the Metallica whiskey will be any good? With the awards and taste that Dave Pickerell's other whiskeys have received, something is telling us that we should eagerly await the release of this new product. When will we be able to get our hands on this? Not for a few years, because whiskies take time to make. They need to mellow and age to get more rounded flavors.

Some of the other products that Pickerell has had a hand in (just to name a few):

  • Whistle Pig & Whistle Pig Rye
  • Boss Hog & Boss Hog; The Black Prince
  • Hillrock Solera Aged Bourbon, Single Malt & Rye

Where will the Metallica distillery be located? So far the towns that are in the running to host the distillery include San Francisco, Louisville Kentucky and Nashville, Tennessee. Any chance we can convince them to open the distillery here in the Hudson Valley?

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