What's the first thing you think of when someone says Hudson Valley? It's probably something to do with the outdoors, most likely apple picking or hiking.

While humans are known to visit the hundreds of trails around the mid-Hudson region, our four-legged friends like to make an appearance as well. If you're hiking the Hudson Valley, you're most likely to come across a dog or two on your hiking adventure.

The next time you hit a trail in the Hudson Valley be on the lookout for the new queen of the Hudson Valley hiking trail. Her name is Eleanor Pigby and she made a splash on social media earlier this week.

Anna Solveig Sicari shared a photo of the adorable pig, looking quite accomplished, atop Hook Mountain in Nyack. We reached out to Solveig Sicari to learn all about Eleanor Pigby the hiking pig and our minds are blown.

Eleanor Pigby is four months old and is part of an animal therapy program at a boarding school in Nyack, Solveig Sicari tells us. The program is called Pets For Purpose at the Summit School and Eleanor Pigby goes on hikes with students as a form of therapy.

Solveig Sicari, and her co-worker Damon Fischetti, explain that Hook Mountain was the first hike for Queen Eleanor Pigby and also the first hike for her students saying "it's a great beginner hike that overlooks the Hudson River and the Tappan Zee Bridge and a great way to teach teenagers and animals the beauty of hiking."

Miss. Pigby isn't the only animal to participate in the Pets For Purpose program. She is joined by two dogs named Moose and Rudy as well as two Nigerian Dwarfs Goats named Sawyer and Scout.

Pets For Purpose also does birthday parties and random trips into town in Nyack while also spreading joy and making visits to nursing homes and schools.

For more on Pets For Purpose, you can find them on Instagram.

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