Have you been having trouble finding things to do with the kids for the summer.  If you’re like us, we have three kids and we’re always looking for cool things to do.  Our local cub scout troop, put together a trip to Medieval Times in NJ.  If you’re kids are into castles, knights and swords then this is a great trip.

You start by picking your knight color.  You get a crown and sit in that section.  We had the blue knight.  Then you hang out in gallery, checking out all the cool things you can buy. From real swords to fake swords.  Plenty of drinks for the adults and kids.  Then you get ushered into the arena.

Then you get seated into the blue section.  Where they feed you.  No hands needed.  Just drink from the bowl and you heat chicken with your fingers.  Then you cheer for your knight, as the compete in the area.  There are a few different competitions.  Then before you know, it’s been two hours and the winning knight has been announced.  After that you can meet your knight in the gallery and you’re on your way home.  It looks up about an hour and twenty minutes for a bit of summer fun.