Last October I shared with you that Daniel Leader had just released his book Living Bread: Tradition and Innovation in Artisan Bread Making now I get to share that his book has won an award. And not just any award: he won the 2020 James Beard Media Award for Baking & Desserts. It shouldn't be any surprise: after all, Dan the founder of Bread Alone and his team are amazing. I can't go shopping without buying some bake perfection made by Bread Alone.

Bread Alone products can be found all over the Hudson Valley. It doesn't matter if you shop at a big grocery or a small cheese shop, chances are you will find their delicious bread on the shelves. I am a personal fan of the San Francisco Sour Dough—it makes the best roast beef sandwich.

I personally cannot make bread. I have tried and failed. I don't even think one of those "do it all for you" bread makers could help my poorly trained skillset. So I have learned to leave bread making up to the professionals. Their are a lot of Hudson Valley bakeries that make greatbread. Chances are you have one in your town. And if you are looking for a yummy read this summer I would check out Dan's award winning book.

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