A timeless classic is here.

Today (December 13th) marks the official kick off to the 12 days of Christmas and there is only one way for us to start the 12 days off. After getting a bunch of text messages and Facebook comments from fans of the show, we are happy to share with you a holiday classic from 6 years ago.

Watch and listen to the "Twelve Days of Hudson Valley Christmas"....

Thank you for watching and before you say "are any of those 12 things mentioned accurate?" We rewrote the song back 6 years ago so at the time they were spot on! I remember it like it was yesterday when we started to rerecord it.

Trying to come up with all 12 things took forever but the best part was hearing our old news guy Nikolia trying to record it in the studio. As you can tell if you listen, he has one of those voices that just carries and I think people in Middletown heard him all the way from Poughkeepsie.


Merry Christmas from all of us here at the Wolf and feel free to share our song with everyone!!!

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