It was a combination of a little luck and know-how when a man saved himself after falling through the ice Saturday on Mirror Lake.

I guess you could say this unidentified man was literally one cool customer. According to a New York Upstate story, a Lake Placid webcam caught a man falling through the ice on Mirror Lake this past Saturday. Thankfully, he was able to escape and walk away, all while holding on to his cup of coffee. You can check out the video below:

An official told New York Upstate this guy did everything right when it came to his technique to escape this scary situation by kicking his way out of the water and remaining flat as he worked his way off the ice. What is even more impressive is he did this all and saved his own life while holding on to his coffee!

Walking over unknown ice thickness is risky, as shown by this video. Doing so without the know-how to deal with such a situation is even riskier. At least this guy had that know-how and was able to save himself here. I guess there are two lessons learned here: never walk on ice unless you know it is safe, and kick your way out and stay low if you do end up in this scary situation! And god forbid you do end up in a situation like this, don't worry about holding on to your cup of coffee.

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