Yes, the Lake George Ice Castles are still operating, but time is running out. And finally some good news - they've extended their weekend hours to allow more guests to check them out!

It hasn't been an easy year for Lake George event organizers, especially when it comes to one of the area's fastest-growing and beloved attractions; The Ice Castles.

Many of us know that the only thing you can predict is unpredictability when it comes to weather in the Capital Region, this year has truly been an outlier, especially in the north country.

And when it comes to tourism, the Lake George Ice Castles seem to have taken the biggest hit this winter as warmer temperatures have proven to be the kryptonite to these magical formations.

Days that normally would be sold out were wasted when the display was forced to close as a safety precaution.

As we head into March, only a handful of dates remain to see the Ice Castles in year two, and organizers didn't want to fans to miss out on a chance to see them and even extended their weekend hours in an announcement on Tuesday.
"We have some good news from Ice Castles!" Amanda Metzger from the
Lake George Regional Chamber of Commerce wrote.

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Additionally, the Ice Castles will now have extended hours on Friday and Saturday and now plan to open at 4 p.m.

Below are the updated hours starting this Thursday, March 2:

Thursday, March 2: 6-9 pm
Friday, March 3: 4-10 pm
Saturday, March 4: 4-10 pm
Sunday, March 5: 6-8 pm

For ticket information and general questions, click here. 

The Lake George Ice Castles burst onto the scene last winter here in Upstate NY, and they were been primed for success in year two, but the weather has cooperated.

Photo: Lake George Ice Castles
The popular Lake George Ice Castles is back for a second season, and with it, some exciting additions.


According to a post in the Glens Falls Chronicle, the Ice Castles will be "expanded and enhanced" in year two, and some of the major additions include,  "an ice bar, whimsical winter characters for meet-and-greets, and new light features….So there will be something new for both adults and kids alike."

"The walk-through structure, built by hand from sculpted icicles by the “ice artists,” features LED-lit frozen thrones, ice-carved tunnels, slides, fountains, sculptures and private “ice rooms” to rent." - Glens Falls Chronicle

BRRR-MAID! Brave Mermaid Takes Pics at Ice Castles on Lake George

Erin Smalley. Instagram @themermaiderin
Mermaid Visits Ice Castles in Lake George
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