We ❤ Kingston.

Every Monday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we start up the week by shining the light on one of our favorite towns in and around the Hudson Valley. How do we pick just one? We leave it up to you guys and the "wheel 'O' towns". The wheel has twenty different towns on it, and every Monday we take one lucky Wolf listener to pick one and Jess gives it a spin. Today we had Lorraine on the show, she went with Saugerties, Jess gave it a spin and it landed on Kingston. No prize for Lorraine, BUT we still get to celebrate Kingston.

If someone was to go to Kingston what's something you would tell them to do or try out while they are there? We learned a lot about Kingston, so we broke it down to the six best things about Kingston.

First Capital of New York State

According to Wikipedia, Kingston was designated as the first capital of the state of New York in 1777. In 1797 Albany was named the capital and it's stayed that way ever since.

Hutton Brickyards

The Hutton Brick Works Company operated on the banks of the Hudson river from 1865 thru 1980. The brick company supplied bricks for construction projects throughout the Hudson Valley as well New York City, which during that time was the fastest-growing metropolis in the world according to their website. It has recently been reopened as hotel, spa, wedding venue and more, under the same name, Hutton Brickyards.

Some of the Best Bagels Anywhere

We got a bunch of text messages from fans of the show telling us to tryout Sunrise Bagels on Albany Ave in Kingston. Everyone raves about the bagels and their breakfast sandwiches. Both Jess and I have been before and would have to agree they have some great bagels!! We got to do our show at their location a few years ago when we did 5 cities in 5 days. (Hopefully as things get back to normal, we can hit the road again sometime soon!!)

Dallas Hot Wieners

If you like hot dogs, Dallas Hot Wieners is a must try. Make sure you try the chili and special sauce...LOL!

Kingston Has One Thing no Other Place Has

Kingston is the only place in the US where there is a prerevolution home on all four corners of an intersection. The intersection is at Crown and John Streets. The intersection is also home to the first radio station I (CJ) ever worked at, B-94 at 80 John Street.

Two Historic Railroads

Jack texted us to let us know that "Kingston has 2 special historic rail roads. One is the Catskill Mountain Railroad, (location at the Herzog's plaza) and the historic trolley museum (down on the Rondout strand)."


What did we miss? Call or text us through the Wolf app the one thing we need to do or try in Kingston.

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