Have you ever been to the oldest city in New York State? The history that lies within New York State is fascinating and interesting to learn about.

Within the Hudson Valley, we have the chance to explore nearby historical sites that people travel to see from different states.

I've enjoyed visiting historical sites such as Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site, Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site, Val-Kill and FDR's cousins house. I also came upon Uncle Sam's house in Catskill, NY.

I've learned alot about those who once roamed the Hudson Valley and were also highly respected members of society.

When visiting historic sites and residences, it's a great perspective to see how these residents once lived and how they helped shape the area that we call home.

These Historic Hudson Valley Towns Once Had Different Names


Some Hudson Valley towns are so old that they used to be referred to as a different name. When these areas were settled, those settlers gave some of the popular Hudson Valley towns that we know now, unique names.

Did you know that Hurly, NY used to be called Nieuw Dorp? It's amusing to think that New Paltz, NY used to be referred to as Old Paltz. Also, Rhinebeck, NY was once called Kipsbergen.

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The World's Oldest Forest Is Located In New York State

Canva, YouTube, Cairo, New York
Canva, YouTube, Cairo, New York

All throughout New York State, there's always historical information that amazes me. I came across the world's oldest forest and realized that it's located in upstate New York.

The Town of Cairo, NY mentioned that the study that was published about the oldest forest is called Fossil Forest and it is located in Cairo, NY. 

Science.com shared information about this historic, New York forest. They claimed that there are 385 million year old rocks on site that

They also shared that as astonishing as this sounds, Fossil Forest is not open to the public and cannot be visited.

What Would You Guess Is The Oldest City In New York State?


Alot of guesses would aim towards New York City being the oldest city in New York state which is a good guess but also incorrect.

History.com shared information about New York City and when it was established. In 1624, Dutch settlers arrived on the Hudson River and created a colony which was called,

"New Amsterdam on Manhattan Island."

It wasn't until 1664, that English settlers took over this area which they then renamed it to New York.

Although New York City isn't the oldest in New York State it is the largest city within the state. 

What's The Oldest City In New York State?


It's possible that you have been to the oldest city in New York state or you have resided there. I have been to the oldest city in New York State plenty of times.

Oldest.org shared a list of the oldest cities in New York state. They claimed that Albany is the oldest city within New York State since it was settled in 1614.

Not only is Albany the state's capital but it also,

"stands as New York’s oldest continuously chartered city."

Oldest.org continued to share that Dutch settlers arrived in Albany is 1614

World Atlas also shared that that Albany,

"it is the oldest continuously populated city in the state."

They shared information about Henry Hudson and how he visited the Albany area in 1609. Today, Albany is the home to the Albany International Airport, Empire State Plaza, New York State Museum and more sights to explore.

Which city in New York State did you believe was the oldest? Have you ever been to the oldest city in New York State, Albany before? Tell us more below.

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