Maybe its because I have been hearing too much about the royal families of other countries that I have been looking into "High Tea" location here in the Hudson Valley NY. While there are many great places that you can purchase high quality tees, what about places where you can have the afternoon experience of a true "High Tea?"

What is "High Tea?" It is a break in the middle of the afternoon where you take time out to relax, share conversation with a friend and enjoy a few sandwiches, and a few sweets. The sweets can include cakes, cookies, and scones, to name just a few. The sandwiches can be everything from cucumber to salmon to many different types.

Where can you have one of these "High Tea" experiences in the Hudson Valley?

Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash
Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash

The first place that a friend recommended to me was Florrie Kaye's Tea Room in Carmel (69 Gleneida Avenue Carmel, NY 10512). The recommendation came from someone who couldn't stop raving about their scones. He went on to tell me that the High Tea there is "Divine." I looked at their website, they have a true "High Tea" and also have a children's version too.

Harney and Son's Tea, Millerton NY

Michele Jackson
Michele Jackson

While Harney & Son's Tea Shop in Millerton NY does not have a "High Tea" per se, they do have a little area where they serve sandwiches and desserts along with their lovely teas. Yes, you can have a cup of almost anyone of their teas along with a sandwich or scones. Delicious? Yes, not that "high tea" experience, but great if you are in Millerton. 

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Are there other places to enjoy a "High Tea Experience" in the Hudson Valley NY?

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There are a few places that people have suggested to me, I haven't been able to enjoy tea there yet, but I am sharing what I found with you here:

The Kingston Tea Room, Fair Street in Kingston. The menu looks, great with availability Wednesday through Sunday (make a reservation). $60 per person, pre-fix, plus tax and gratuity.

Cranberry's at Tilley Hall, West Market St, Hyde Park NY.

It looks like they only do a High Tea on special occasions. Their hours are not yet back up to pre-pandemic schedules.

Maggie's Tea Room at The Red Hook Inn, Red Hook NY

Route 9 Red Hook. Looks like the pandemic and health issues with the owners' sisters has had her close the tearoom. Hopefully, it will reopen one day.

Charlottes Tea Room, Warwick NY

I haven't had the pleasure to take tea here yet, either, but this is another location that has come to me highly recommended from a friend. I can't wait to try it.

Is there another place to be able to enjoy the "High Tea Experience" in the Hudson Valley, NY? There are a lot of places that sell amazing teas, but where are the ones where you can get that lovely afternoon escape? Thank you.

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