There is no question that we have some pretty cool places in the Hudson Balley. The Willow Lake Farm is a classic. Built on the old stone foundation of The Knickerbocker Lodge in Fishkill, New York in 1924 after it burned this lodge is a phoenix rising from the flames.

According to the listing I found on CIRCA Old Houses it is being offered for just a little over $ 4 Million. It sits nestled into the hills in Fishkill, New York. The property is a total of 105 acres with a five-acre lake.

Willow Lake Farm in Fishkill is For Sale

Apparently, HBO and other film projects have been shot at Willow Lake Farm. Word is that Pretty Little Liars just wrapped a film session at the House. It has also been a hideaway for celebrities when they are in the Hudson Valley. That fact is not surprising since the original Knickerbocker Lodge was built for the elite to escape New York City. / AGY Sandra Park Coldwell Banker Realty / AGY Sandra Park Coldwell Banker Realty

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In addition to the main house, the property also has a separate guest cottage and even a gatekeeper's house. Yes, a gatekeeper. Don't get any idea about dropping in to see who might be there this weekend.

Grand House For Sale in Fishkill, NY Can be Bought Fully Furnished

The house itself has so much charm. And one benefit is that you can offer to buy the furnishing in the main house so no need to redecorate. The cottages and guest houses are being sold with their contents. / AGY Sandra Park Coldwell Banker Realty / AGY Sandra Park Coldwell Banker Realty

Want to own an estate with a rich history this is it. Once you own it you can spend time trying to figure out how many famous people have stayed there over the last 100 years. Plus you can now be the landlord to the next film project and its stars.

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Historic Willow Lake Farm in Fishkill, NY For Sale

Willow Lake Farm once known as the Knickerbocher Lodge in Fishkill, New York is on the market and could be yours for under $5 Million. The main house, the lake, and multiple cottages and guest homes makes 4 Willow Lake Drive a steal. It is historic, popular with celebrities and a 105 acre stunning property if you buy it you may have to host a few famous people.

Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn

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