This weekend people all over the world will have their eyes on Georgia. This is Masters Weekend. For those of us who live with golfers, we will be golf widows and widowers pretty much now through Sunday.

Growing up I didn't know much about golf or the Masters Tournament, If I had it wouldn't have come as such a shock to learn about the official sandwich of the Masters the  Pimento Cheese Sandwich. I love pimento cheese on everything.

What is the Story Behind the Weird Cheese Sandwich at the Masters

This creamy cheese sandwich is such a staple at the tournament that in 2020 when the Masters was delayed until November and was played without spectators they made a Masters Food Kit you could order to enjoy from the comfort of your couch.

Canva / The State via YouTube / TSM Center antpkr
Canva / The State via YouTube / TSM Center antpkr

They don't offer that kit any longer. It was discontinued in 2022 since people were able to return to Augusta for the Tournament. I am a bit bummed. I would've liked to order the box of food goodies for everyone I know. Pimento cheese is hard to find in New York.

So what is it about the sandwich that according to has been served at the Masters Tournament since the 1950s? It could be the creamy texture or the sharp cheddar taste. I also think the pimento cuts through and offers an interesting finish on every bite. Served on white bread with a side of chips and a cookie.

There may be no other concession item in sports that holds the weight or reputation of Augusta National’s pimento cheese sandwiches. (PGCAcom)


Pimento Cheese has Disappeared Again on New York Restuarant Menus

So why am I going on and on about pimento cheese? Simple it's hard to find in New York and for one fleeting moment I thought that had changed. Early last year I started seeing Pimento cheese on menus. It was never alone, it was always served as a garnish on a sandwich or aside for dipping.

Getty Images
Getty Images

I enjoyed countless Hot Honey Chicken sandwiches last year with a plop of pimento cheese on top. I even had one as recently as this past Christmas. Lately, though I have noticed that the pimento cheese is disappearing from Hudson Valley menus and I don't know why. I believe I am only left with a chain like Popeyes or Chic-fil-A.

In the past, I have had it with wings at the Parish Restaurant in New, Paltz and just last Christmas it was on the menu at the Cold Spring Depot. I think I may have even had it at Mahoney's Irish Pub and Steakhouse but don't hold me to that one.

Some have told me that it's because it tastes awful and no one but me ever orders it. I can't believe I am the only person in the Hudson Valley who likes Pimento Cheese. That can't be possible. Please share if you see it on a menu, otherwise we are stuck just making it at home.

Pimento Cheese Recipes:

If you can get your hands on some Duke's Mayo that is the way to go.

Old Fashioned Recipes has a tasty version too.

And if you want to beef it up try this recipe from Flavorful Recipes

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