Ever since the pandemic we have been hearing more and more about some of our favorite Hudson Valley businesses closing. It feels like it became a natural stopping point for some places that had been open for decades in our area.

Even in these last 2 years following the shutdown, we have heard about places continuing to close. Of course, we have also had new places open but we will miss the place that we grew to love over the years for shopping and dining.

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Three Hudson Valley Restaurant Closed For Good This Weekend

This past week alone I heard about three Hudson Valley restaurants closing their doors. I think restaurants have had the hardest time this year. Prices of food went up. People's budgets to eat out went down. Plus it has been hard for many restaurants to find staff.

Lia's Mountain View Restaurant Google
Lia's Mountain View Restaurant Google

This past week two restaurants announced their closure in New Paltz, New York. Schatzi's Pub & Beir Garden and A Tavola a few steps down the street both said they were closing this weekend. It makes sense to close now with the year ending but it is sad to think they won't be around to enjoy in 2024.

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A restaurant in Dutchess County also announced its year-end closing in mid-December. Lia's Mountain View Restaurant in Pine Plains has officially closed its doors after 40 years of serving good homemade Italian food. Their social media post announcing the closure recanted their opening in May of 1983.

the Lia’s you have all come to know, and love didn’t happen overnight. It took years, 40 to be exact. What started as a bare minimum staff, no printed menus and .25 Genny draft has grown into more than I think my grandparents could have dreamed of .... (via Facebook - Lia's Mountain View Restaurant)

Many of their loyal customers comment on their Facebook posts with good wishes and recalling the memories they had made over the 4 decades Lia's was their hometown restaurant. Some even asked if they could share the recipes before they closed the doors. No word on if that happened but this past Saturday was their last day.

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