When I first saw the news about a wild Mustang being born in New Paltz, New York I thought I didn't even know anyone had Mustangs in New Paltz. I don't presume to know every horse farm in the town I call home but I would think being the horse lover that I am I would have heard about it through one of my horse friends.

Obviously, the news that Black Crow Mustangs bought a farm and moved in on Springtown Road got past a few of us with a passion for horses. Of course, I had to know more and I wanted to spread the word about the new foal. So I reached out and they got back to me right away.

Who is Black Crow Mustangs in New Paltz, New York

Black Crow Mustangs at 211 Springtown Road in New Paltz New York has a mission of forging an everlasting bond between America's Wild Mustangs and people. Mike and Cody are the trainers at Black Crow Mustangs and between the two of them, they have decades of experience with horses.

Black Crow Mustangs via Facebook
Black Crow Mustangs via Facebook

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If you follow Black Crow Mustangs on Social Media or on their website you will see the work that they are doing with their Mustang herd and how you can get involved. They offer clinics and events you can sign up for, you can sponsor a Mustang, or just make a straight-up donation. They also have some really cool gear you can buy which also supports the farm.

Black Crow Mustangs via Facebook
Black Crow Mustangs via Facebook

According to an HV1 article that you can read at blackcrowmustangs.com it was a lifelong dream of MIke's to work with wild Mustangs so when he got the opportunity to make it work he took the chance. The horses he brings to the farm in New Paltz have been in auction pens and waiting at slaughterhouses. He works with organizations that help manage wild mustangs. He and Cody have their hands full when they meet these horses who often don't trust humans at all.

Wild Mustang Foal Born in New Paltz, New York

When I saw they had their first foal I was thrilled. Not just because it is another first for New Paltz but also first for The Black Crow Mustangs. Not a lot of towns in New York can claim they have had an Iconic American symbol born in its borders.

Apparently, a few of the mares arrived at the farm pregnant so we can expect there should be a few more. These wild Mustangs born at Black Crow will get a chance to educate people about wild horses in America because of the work being done by everyone involved in this mission.

This is one of the first videos of the first wild Mustang born at Black Crow Mustangs in New Paltz, New York. It's a Boy.

This is a video of some of the first interactions with Kimba and her colt. You have to watch it.  It will give you a great look at how special the bond is between the trainers and these iconic horses

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I reached out to Black Crow Mustangs and had to ask why they decided to put the farm in New Paltz and Mike Reach back with a great answer. Both he and Cody grew up in the Hudson Valley. Mike spent a lot of time in New Paltz and Rosendale. He loves using the rail trail for his rides.

They discovered their current farm for sale and knew it would make a great location for the Mustangs. So they bought it and it is now the home to Black Crow Mustangs. Mike mentioned that they love being able to use the rail trail and the R2R for riding. Mike says it helps the Mustangs get used to people.

To contact them reach out on their social media or at blackcrowmustangs.com

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