Ames department stores have announced an update to their plans to open new stores!

Back at the end of 2022, there was some excitement in the air after we told you that the folks at the Ames Department stores announced on social media that they were ready to open new stores in the coming year. If you missed it, the post stated that they would announce new store locations in the coming months and would have a new website for fans to explore soon as well.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Ames Stores in the Hudson Valley, NY

As soon as the announcement was posted many of us started to reminisce about the former Ames stores in the Hudson Valley including stores in Hyde Park, Kingston, New Paltz, Highland, and Napanoch, and how much many of us loved shopping at them. Some of us even started to map out where we would like to see a new Ames store open...LOL! The dates they shared on the Ames Stores X page (formerly Twitter) said fans should expect everything above in early 2023.

Ames Store Return Falls Flat?

The dates came and went and we heard nothing but a few updates regarding their website service providers and how they were preparing to bring in their sister company, the Silver Knight Group to help. The website they told us to follow for updates went dark for a while but now it appears that they've fixed the issues and have shared another update on the future of the Ames department store return.

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New Dates Revealed for Ames Stores Return

The new Ames website has shared an update on the plans of the "brick & motor" Ames Stores return saying,

"Silver Knight Group, Inc, the parent company of Ames Department Stores, Inc, has released a new reopening date. Ames will be reopening their brick & mortar stores starting in June 2026, with 35 planned stores opening from June 2026 to April 2027."

The message ended with the company saying,

"We can't wait to see you in our stores."

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Is the Ames Return a Hoax or Not?

I can't decide one way or the other!! I think because I was a huge fan of the stores as a kid and would love to see a new one open up in the Hudson Valley or anywhere in New York I'm leaning to the it's happening side but now that they've pushed the dates until 2026, I think they might be simply messing with our emotions....LOL! What do you think? Do you think we will ever see a new Ames store anywhere in New York? Let us know through our station app above.

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