Finishing touches are being put on a highly-anticipated new burger joint that's getting ready for its Poughkeepsie, New York debut.

The Hudson Valley is already home to some incredible burger locations. Long-time favorites like the Raccoon Saloon in Highland, Joe's Dairy Bar in Hopewell Junction, and Ben's Fresh in Port Jervis have been serving up delicious cheeseburgers for years. But over the past few years there have been some newcomers that are giving these world-class burgers a run for their money.

Poughkeepsie New York Burger Joints

New Burger Joints Flocking to Poughkeepsie, New York

Poughkeepsie has seen a surge of burger restaurants open over the past year. Sundaze Burgers is celebrating its one-year anniversary in April. The burger mecca maker at the Academy has gained a cult following after originally debuting their menu at Poughkeepsie's Underwear Factory on Sunday afternoons.

Buns Burgers recently opened up its first Poughkeepsie location. The original Rhinebeck location opened its doors in 2016 and since then has expanded to Kingston, Saugerties and now Eastdale Village in Poughkeepsie.

21 Burgers and Wings has been getting rave reviews for their restaurant on Route 9D in Wappingers Falls. In March, the burger maker opened a new location in Poughkeepsie, taking over the former location of J. Dominicks Trattoria.

Moonburger Poughkeepsie New York
A. Boris

A First for Dutchess County Readies its Debut

Now, a new kind of burger joint is just days away from opening in Poughkeepsie, New York.

In September we told you Moonburger had announced it was finally coming to Dutchess County. The plant-based burger chain has been creating a buzz in New Paltz and Kingston where customers say their meatless burgers taste every much as delicious as the real thing.

Now, Pougkeepsie burger fans will finally be able to judge for themselves, as Moonburger's third location gets ready to open its doors. The restaurant is taking over part of the Chestnut Mobile on Route 9 South next to the Price Chopper plaza.

Moonburger Poughkeepsie New York
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Signs for the new restaurant were erected over the weekend, and Moonburger is actively hiring staff for its upcoming grand opening. It won't be long until Poughkeepsie finally gets to see what all of the excitement is about. An announcement on the restaurant's social media channels promises burger lovers that the newest Moonburger location will be "touching down very soon."

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