In today's list of incredible places to grab food around the Hudson Valley, we're focusing on dining spots with a view! There are a ton to choose from, so we tried to narrow down your options a little bit.

The Hudson Valley has become a tourist hub in recent years. And while Fall is hands down the busiest time to be in the Hudson Valley, there are gorgeous views to take in year-round. What pairs better with a nice view than a good bite to eat?

Waterfront Restaurants Across the Hudson Valley

We're incredibly lucky to have sweeping views along the Hudson River's waterfront. Many towns have capitalized off of this by establishing great restaurants on this real estate. Newburgh for example has created a dining mecca along its shore with bars and eateries spanning a big portion of that waterfront.

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Kingston is another area that has made the most of its waterfront. It's a great destination for a quick day trip - you can explore the renowned Hudson River Maritime Museum, maybe hop on a boat tour along the Hudson River, and then grab a drink and a bite near the water afterward.

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Restaurants with a View in the Hudson Valley

Below we have a list of 5 great restaurants that are accompanied by incredible views. Yes, some of those views include the waterfront, but others on the list are highlighted for their scenic sights of surrounding mountains, their relaxing outdoor decks, and of course, their fabulous food.

Here's a taste:

Scenic Dining Spots in the Hudson Valley

There are so many great views in the Hudson Valley as well as great restaurants! It's hard to see everything the Hudson Valley has to offer. Here is a list of 6 great dining spots around the Hudson Valley that also have gorgeous views.

Gallery Credit: Arianne Rogers

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