We have become accustomed to the fact that the Hudson Valley has been loaded with celebrity sightings over the past several years. I remember my mom always telling us, as kids whenever we went into New York City to have our eyes open because 'you never know you you may see walking down the street.' Lately though, you should be doing just that in and around the Hudson Valley because of the huge number of celebrities that not only live here, but visit the area for one reason or another.

Just look at all the high profile celebs that have visited this one Ulster County restaurant alone:

Celebrity Diners That Have Visited Ole Savannah, Kingston NY

Can you name ALL of the famous people who have visited one of Kingston's favorite restaurants on the Rondout? Owner David Amato has shared some of his favorite photos from over the years of Ole Savannah's celebrity visitors.

Gallery Credit: Val Turco

Netflix Star Has Strong Hudson Valley Ties

It's probably not shocking that this popular actor, known best for his 'stalking' on the Netflix series 'YOU' was spotted yet again in the area, as he's called the Hudson Valley home for quite sometime, has shot in the area in years prior, and is frequently seen in and around Ulster County.

Penn Badgley, stalker extraordinaire Joe Goldberg in the Neflix series 'YOU,' and prior to that in the CW series Gossip Girl, has been a staple celebrity presence in the Hudson Valley for a number of years.

Most commonly linked to areas in and around New Paltz, spotted at Savona's Trattoria in Kingston back in the pre-Covid days of 2020, as well as an indoor climbing facility in the Hudson Valley during that same time, Badgley recently listed his stunning Hudson Valley home in the Catskills for sale with a $1.7 million price tag.

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'YOU' Star Celebrates Halloween on Historic Huguenot Street

Those who decided to spend their Halloween trick-or-treating in New Paltz, and celebrating the holiday in a National Historic Landmark District, Huguenot Street (which is a community of stone houses noted as 'America's oldest continuously inhabited street') didn't have to look twice when trying to figure out this person's costume.

Badgley was spotted walking around Huguenot Street, was super nice and friendly to those also celebrating the holiday in New Paltz, and even snapped some photos with fans.


Were you one of the people who trick-or-treated with Joe in New Paltz, and if so, have any photos to share with us?

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