On September 25th 2023, disaster struck on I-84 in the Hudson Valley. A charter bus carrying band students from Farmingdale, NY to a camp in Pennsylvania overturned, injuring many students and tragically killing two adults.

The accident, which garnered national news coverage, affected multiple communities in both Long Island and the Hudson Valley. Now, a mother of a critically student is reaching out to the Orange County, NY community for a very special kind of help.

A tragic bus crash in Wawayanda, NY in 2023 claimed the lives of two adults and injured many students from Farmingdale, NY
A tragic bus crash in Wawayanda, NY in 2023 claimed the lives of two adults and injured many students from Farmingdale, NY (Eyewitness News ABC7NY /YouTube)

Looking for Another Miracle After Tragic Hudson Valley Bus Crash

Farmingdale, NY resident Jenny S., who identified herself as a mother of one of the high schoolers critically injured in the bus crash, recently reached out on Facebook to ask for help from the local community. Specifically, help finding a special woman who made her son's difficult ordeal just a little easier to endure:

My son was one of the Farmingdale band students critically injured in the I-84 bus crash on September 21st. He remembers many people helping him, but he specifically remembers a woman he thinks is named Cheryl, that stayed and comforted him while he was waiting to be carried up to an ambulance

Jenny went on to explain the lengths the woman went to keep her son as calm and comfortable as possible. While Jenny's son believes Cheryl (name unconfirmed) was a good Samaritan and not a first responder, other feedback the family received was that the woman may have had a medical background. Jenny had one simple request of the Hudson Valley community.

Do You Know "Cheryl"?

"We have connected with some first responders from the accident, and it would mean a lot to us to find Cheryl, a person who gave so much comfort to my son when we, his parents, couldn’t be there.  We thought, maybe, Cheryl lives locally in Orange County", shared Jenny. Can you help?

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With little information to go on, the search might seem like finding a needle in a haystack, but in a community as tightknit as the Hudson Valley, anything is possible. If you have a possible lead, you can submit it through the "contact" section of this website.

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