In the Mid 90’s a small regional petting zoo in upstate New York, which had been open for 60+ years , casually dropped the banger of the century.

Roland Lindemann and his wife Kathryne opened the Catskill Game Farm in 1933. Originally a farm for pheasants and deer, it evolved into a zoo featuring an array of exotic animals.

 It was a popular tourist attraction in upstate New York for over six decades until its closure in 2006. If not for this Mid 90’s Bop that was shown throughout the tri-state and New England during basic cable commercials, I doubt The Catskill Game Farm would have made it all the way to 2006


Perfection. Tied With “Cool for the Summer” as best summer heater in the last 50 years

I first heard this certifiable hit while on summer vacation in Rhode Island in 94 or 95. Prior to that, I had visited the Catskill Game Farm during summers spent in Phoenicia, New York. However, stepping foot on the hallowed grounds of the 90s prime Catskill Game Farm is not a prerequisite to enjoying this absolute tune.

The Old Game Farm - The Site of the Former Catskill Game Farm
The Old Game Farm - The Site of the Former Catskill Game Farm

So even though Technically, The Catskill Game Farm did its best business in the 1960s, its highest achievement is this Jiggle that I’ve been humming and singing WORD FOR WORD, memorized in a time before YouTube and the ability to rewatch anything on demand. I committed every word of it to my soul, “BOOK OF ELI” style.

If you see me, you can quiz me. I dare you.


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