Seems like we're about due for another complaint/rant about something that seems to be bothering more than just me here in the Hudson Valley.

Let's talk car headlights, and while we're at it, tail and brake lights too.

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Why Are Your Headlights So Bright, Hudson Valley?

I get that different car makes and models have all different types of headlights, but lately I feel like I've been driving in the same vicinity of people whose headlights are bright enough to see, oh I don't know, to the moon...and no, I'm not talking about their brights, or high beams.

I know I'm not alone here, as there has been plenty of coverage about brighter headlight rays for some time, noting that today's headlights are 'undeniably brighter than the warm yellow glow of the halogen bulbs popular during the late '80s and '90s.'

Nowadays, cars are mostly equipped with, or adjusted to have LED lights which have proven to last longer, but are much whiter and brighter, sometimes almost blinding.


I hate to be 'that guy' - but not for nothing - I was driving on a darker side street the other day and had to pull over because the headlights of the car heading my way from the other direction were so bright I couldn't even see the road in front of me.

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Can We Also Talk About Strobing Taillights or Blinking Brake Lights?

I'm probably making myself sound like an old crotchety person who will soon be telling kids to get off their lawn, but equally as alarming as not being able to see when you're driving because someone's headlights are so bright, is the shock of being behind a car with flashing or strobing brake lights.

Now, some European cars are designed with 'adaptive brake lights' or 'dynamic brake lights,' where rather than light up or glow, like on a standard US vehicle, 'these systems engage a rapid-flashing mode during heavy braking from speeds above 31mph.'

I'm not certain that the ones I've seen around here lately fall under that category, but rather these are post retail modifications that strobe or flash very quickly every time the driver hits the brake.


Maybe it's just because I've been doing a lot of driving lately, or I actually am turning into one of those people....but I would just like to know, has anyone else been extra annoyed by these issues in the Hudson Valley lately?


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