Parents who have taught their children how to drive know how difficult it can be.  But this idea can be fun, and possibly save a life.

The License Plate Game

Remember when you were young (before there were cell phones and ipads) and you would take a road trip with your family?  You might have played a game that we called "The License Plate Game."

It was a simple game where you would simply look out the window of the car and see how many license plates from other states you could spot.  When you reached your destination, the person who had spotted the largest number of license plates from other states would win.

How many times as an adult have you noticed plates from out of state now?  That's the idea behind this theory.

Look Out For Motorcycles

How many times have you heard the phrase "look twice, save a life" when it comes to driving?  It's because driving a motorcycle can be extremely dangerous.

Money Geek did a deep dive into motorcycle accident statistics and found that even though motorcycles only make up for 3% of the registered vehicles on the road, they also contribute to 14% of all traffic fatalities.  On average, around 5,000 people die each year due to motorcycle accidents.

Many times, that's just because people don't see them.

The Motorcycle Game

Someone came up with an idea to help make young drivers more aware of the motorcycles on the road.

Just like "The License Plate Game" this one is just about consciously looking for them.  They say to make a game with your very young children when you are taking road trips.  You tell them to count the number of bikes you see on your trip and that then when they become drivers they will automatically be looking for them when they're behind the wheel.


Will it work?

We don't know.  But is it worth it to try?  I would say that even if it saves one life because someone was being more aware of their surroundings that it would.

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