With the worst inflation in decades, Americans are looking to save whenever and wherever they can. It'll soon cost you a little more to buy in bulk at one Wholesale store in Central New York.

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Costco is raising its membership fees. The company's chief financial officer, Richard Galanti confirmed the price increase, though he didn't say when or by how much according to USA Today.

The cost of a Costco membership goes up about every five years and a half years. The last increase was in June 2017, rising from $55 to $60. The Executive tier went up $10 from $110 to $120.

Not If But When

Galanti told CNBC it's not a question of if membership fees will go up, but when.

"There’s no analytical framework we use other than we feel very good about our member loyalty and our strength. And if we wanted to do it yesterday, we could. If we want to do it six months from now, we can. So, we’ll wait and see."

Costco has several locations down in the city but only two in Upstate, New York. One in Syracuse and another in Rochester.

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BJ's Wholesale

Syracuse is also home to BJ's Wholesale, which also has a location in Utica. Memberships cost $55 annually, $5 cheaper than Costco's price before the upcoming increase. It's $110 for the Perks Rewards, where you earn 2% back on all purchases.

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