So I can't be the only person who had this problem over the last few days because I am not the only person who was at the air pump at Stewart's Shop this past Saturday filling up a tire. You probably notice as soon as the temperatures drop so did the pressure in your tires.

Friday night on my way home from work I am almost home and I notice that my tire pressure light on the dashboard is on. I thought for a second "did I run over something " but I didn't seem to have any problems with the car so I thought about it and realized that from Thursday night (Halloween) to Friday night the temperature had dropped some 40 degrees so it might be the temperature causing the problem.

According to an article I found online from Goodyear Tires cold weather can effect tire pressure and cause the dash light to go on. It doesn't mean your tire is leaking but you will need to adjust the air in the tires for the new temperatures. Consumer Reports online explained it quite simply - air gets more dense in cold weather causing the tire pressure to reduce.

On Saturday I made my way to the air pump waited my turn and managed to get all my tires reset to the required pressure and now the dash light is off. I just could not believe how many people were doing the exact same thing I was on Saturday. Thanks goodness for Stewart's Shops and their free air pump.

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