A man was arrested in Orange County after he told police he was an ISIS supporter and he planted bomb outside a gas station.

On Wednesday around 1 a.m., anMonroe Police officer stopped a man who walking along Route 17M near the Shop Rite Plaza. The officer was conducting a new police policy a, “Stop, Walk and Talk.”

During the conversation, 26-year-old Abdurrahman Issam Qadan of Oregon began acting very suspiciously and made statements that he was an ISIS supporter, police say.

Qadan went on to say he was on his way to LaGuardia Airport in car driven by his girlfriend. He added that he grabbed his duffel bag and got out of the car in Orange County after a fight with his girlfriend.

When police didn’t notice Kaden with any belongings, they asked where his duffel bag was. Kaden allegedly told police he placed the bag, which contained explosives, behind a Mobil Gas Station on 17M in Monroe, next to an oil tank.

Kaden planned to drop off the bags of explosives inside LaGuardia Airport, but when he got out of the car he dropped it in Monroe, authorities say.

Police did find a bag near the oil tank at the Mobil Gas Station. A laptop computer and cell phone were also located nearby. Kaden allegedly warned officers to not go near the bag, because the bomb could go off.

The New York State Police Bomb Unit was called to the scene and a perimeter was set up. Portions of Route 17M and Route 208 were closed for safety reasons.

Once the bomb squad conducted their investigation, they determined the items in question did not contain any explosive devices.

The FBI Joint Terrorist Task Force later interviewed Kaden at Monroe Police Headquarter. During the interview, Kaden admitted he lied about the explosives, police say.

Kaden was charged with falsely reporting an incident, making terroristic threats, felonies, and criminal possession of a controlled substance, a misdemeanor.
He was remanded to the Orange County Jail.

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