Take a look.

If you have ever gone to CVS and you have one of their store cards you know exactly where I'm going with this.

Now I'm the first person to try and save a buck or two, which is why I signed up for there card in the first place but I have to say the size of the receipts has gotten way out of control.

I had to go into the CVS in Poughkeepsie the other day to grab a few things and when I was checking out I felt like it took about a minute for my receipt to print out.

Yes some of the things on it can be useful but after looking at mine from my last trip not one of the coupons were anything I will ever use.

For example what am I going to do with a coupon for 50% off of any Revlon or Almay product? Or $5 off any adult size depends diapers? Now if I got some Extra Bucks I would definitely use them but no luck this trip.

If you shop at CVS have you ever gotten a receipt bigger then this one?


If you have, share a picture of it with us on our Facebook page and happy coupon clipping.

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