Is being popular a bad thing? Well it is for one Hudson Valley hidden gem.

Back in May we ran a story about a popular swimming hole in Ulster County becoming overrun with garbage due to it's popularity. If you haven't heard of it, it's called the Blue Hole at the Sundown Wild Forest by Peekamoose Mountain. It's called Blue Hole because of its crystal clear blue water.

Blue Hole became increasingly popular when it made national news after Adventure Journal listed it as one of the top 5 swimming holes in the country.

The Peekamoose Mountain swimming hole is making headlines again as the New York Times is reporting that over 1,000 visitors are stopping by daily. The Commissioner of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Basil Seggos tells the NYT "We’ve seen a significant increase in trash, damage to vegetation and trees, and soil erosion. We need to protect these natural assets, and we’re working on possible strategies for the future, including limiting the number of visitors at a given time."

Recently, the DEC enforced parking rules in hopes that it would make sure visitors wouldn't overwhelm the Blue Hole.

Since introducing new rules and regulations, locals have seen a difference in the appearance at Blue Hole. While garbage is still an issue, fire pits have stopped being made and swimming hole goers have lowered their music to respect those around them.



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