This man has gone all out this year decorating and some of his neighborhood kids are using his yards as a playground. Is he being a jerk?

If you are decorating your house and yard this year for the holidays you might be able to help us with this man's issue he's dealing with. Richard emailed us,

"I'm having a major problem with my neighbors. They have two young kids, and ever since I put up my Christmas decorations on our front lawn all they keep doing is trying to play with them! This year I have 14 inflatable decorations, reindeer all throughout the yard, lights on almost every tree and the house, a few Christmas trees and there are blinking candy canes up and down the driveway and walkway leading to the house. I don't want these kids touching all of my stuff. I asked their mother to please keep them in their yard, but the mother thinks it's cute that they love the decorations so much, and she said "they're just kids, stop being a jerk." I understand they're young kids, but these things are so expensive, and they're not toys and arent intended to be played with. Both my wife and daughter think I'm being a jerk. Am I?..... Richard"

Now I don't want to come off as a scrooge or anything but I don't think he's being a jerk. What happens if one of the kids gets hurt while playing in his yard? Who's going to be responsible if one of the inflatables gets popped or something? As he mentioned in the email, those things are super expensive!

I think the best way to end this would be to have Richard talk with the mom and offer her and the kids a hand-guided tour of his yard so they can see everything and once the tour is over, explain to them that they can't touch anything anymore because its dangerous.

What do you guys think, is he bing a jerk? How would you handle it?

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