Is the weirdest town in the Northeast right here in the Hudson Valley?

I think we can be honest with ourselves and say that we have some pretty unique towns in and around the Hudson Valley. To be fair, we hosted Woodstock and that was a weird time for a lot of folks.

Anyway, people across the US are taking notice to one town in particular. has dubbed Pine Bush as the "Strangest Town in the Northeast." Their post of course focused on what we all know Pine Bush for and that is their encounters with unidentified flying objects.

Pine Bush is known as the east coast hot spot for UFO activity. It's the Roswell of the north.

According to the post, Pine Bush residents say that there is UFO activity on a weekly basis. The writer adds that most Pine Bush residents are firm believers in little grey beings.

We love Pine Bush for everything that they bring to our community and not just their love for outer space. If you've never been to Pine Bush take a little drive and support a local business by getting a snack at the Cup and Saucer Diner.

Are you from Pine Bush? How do you feel about the Strangest Town title?

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